When you are using a PIN for your mobile device security, keep in mind that it should be a unique PIN. Don’t use the same PIN you use for your debit card. Why? Entering a PIN is easy for someone to watch. Too often I see people unlock with their PIN in plain sight of everyone. If that number is the same as your ATM PIN, your problems are worsening quickly.

You should be aware of who can see when you unlock with anything other than a fingerprint. The number of times I’ve seen a PIN get quickly entered in front of everyone and it turned out to be a single number repeated four times is saddening. Don’t do that either. Don’t use birthdays. Don’t use dates. Most PINs start with 0 or a 1 and if it starts with a 1 the next number is between 0 and 2. Why? It’s a month. Likewise, most third numbers are between 0 and 2 with a few being a 3. Those are the options for the day portion. Pick a better number if you must but changing to a better protection method is preferred.

Avoid using a PIN for your mobile device security, but if you can’t or won’t use something better, at least make it a unique PIN and be sure to avoid dates. Chances are those dates you want to use are everywhere on your social media accounts as you celebrate your birthday, your kids’ birthdays, your anniversary, etc.

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