Physically Secure Your Devices

Cybersecurity extends beyond technology. Physical security is just as important as technical security. Just as you wouldn’t leave your credit card on a table in a busy place, don’t leave your devices unattended. Take your phone, laptop, or tablet with you. An unattended device can easily be stolen and gaining physical access to a device makes it much easier to compromise.

Always lock up your devices if you must leave them to prevent others from accessing them. Smaller things are easier to make disappear. Physical Security is important for media that contains sensitive data such as CDs and flash drives. When you do leave them, make sure they are locked and have a strong password to gain access to the devices. Encrypt sensitive data on removable media and keep them in a locked container or on your person while in transit.

For readers who travel with devices in their cars such as laptops and tablets that they may not want to bring into all their stops, it’s better physical security to conceal it in the trunk prior to arrival at your destination so no one sees you placing it in the trunk and then walking away. This applies to anything valuable you plan to leave in a car.

Security Awareness Training

Find out more about Security Awareness Training from Shades of Gray Security.

Trust Me I'm Lying: Banks Pay Me to Rob Them

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