Password Management

Cybersecurity experts are always telling people not to reuse passwords, yet many people still do. Many of those same experts still do as well. There are many theories available on what constitutes a good password, how to create unique passwords you can memorize based off the system you are logging into, and much more. Recently we’ve seen the rise of password management tools. Find one that works for you and your set of devices and browser preferences such as LastPass.

A good password management tool will let you set a strong password and ideally use some multi-factor authentication to get into the application itself. It should generate passwords for you to use on sites and auto-fill those once you authenticate with the tool. That way, you only remember the single password for the tool. Be sure to research the security rating of the tool and go with one that is industry recommended. A key feature you want is the ability for it to work on all your devices so you can always access your accounts.

As you log in to new systems, the password manager should be able to capture those new credentials and ask you if you would like to save them. Once you have several sets of credentials in the manager, it should be able to perform an audit and detect duplicates, prompting you to change the passwords. When you do that, be sure to let the manager generate the new password for you and make sure it updates the entry in the manager to reflect the changes.

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