There are many things to consider with mobile phone security. Updates, security fixes, backup, and encryption are all things you need to think about. We’ll discuss a few things to help you decide the best plan, phone, and mobile phone security features to fit your habits.

Keeping your phone’s operating systems updated is probably the most important thing you can do to maintain mobile phone security. This is tricky, especially if you keep your device for years. Once a device reaches end-of-life, the manufacturer will no longer supply patches. It’s time to upgrade. Some Android devices made by third-party manufacturers, don’t get updates.

Consider that when shopping for a new phone. Research the manufacturer to see if they do deliver regular updates. Do those updates come in a timely fashion. When will they stop supporting the phone? Getting an Android from Google is a sure way to avoid those problems. They push security fixes as they are available, so their users get the fixes first. Other manufacturers take significant time to get the patch tested and distributed. If they do it at all. You can also find frequent patches from Apple for the iPhone. If you keep your phone for years, you will find it is no longer supported or patched regardless of brand.

Check to see if your device has an encryption option. Most new devices do. Activate that for extra security in the event your device is stolen.  Use the available phone finding tools to help locate your phone if it is lost or stolen. That needs to be set up ahead of time, so do it now if you haven’t already done so.

As we discussed in a previous post, mobile phone security also includes physical security of your device. Don’t leave your phone on the table, bar, or desk when you walk away. It’s small, take it with you.

Finally, back up your data. Most new devices have some sort of cloud service associated with it that will do that for you. This may come with extra costs for storage space. You may want to see what is available and pick and choose what you want to be backed up or spend the money to make things easier. It’s always a good idea to download a copy of important things in your life like photos.  Having another copy of it in case of failure with the cloud service is a good idea. An external drive is cheap, and you can secure it in a fireproof box to ensure your memories are always available.

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