Mobile Device Security

We take our phones and tablets everywhere and mobile device security is extremely important. I often hear people say, “who cares about my stuff?” or “it’s only a phone,” or “I don’t have anything on here anyway.” Of course, they are most likely lying. Is your email on it? Do you use that email to access your bank account, credit cards, bills, and shopping sites like Amazon?

Always lock your phone. Use whatever method you like. A PIN is not the best, but it beats nothing. We recommend using biometrics, passwords, or patterns. Check your device to see what options you have and choose the best one to fit your needs and habits.

We’ve already discussed not clicking things, same goes for your phone. Be careful with emails, social media, and questionable websites.

Only install apps from trusted sources. Jailbreaking and sideloading apps is a good way to introduce problems to your device. In fact, jailbreaking your phone breaks some of the built-in security features. They are there for a reason.

Check back daily for more tips this month during our National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips of the Day. We will have more tips for mobile device security and other topics you can use in your daily life.

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