Careful What You Click

In a previous post, we talked about not clicking links in emails, but that extends to other places as well. Avoid visiting unknown sites where possible and avoid downloading software from unknown sources. When you click a link on an untrusted site, it can lead to a security breach.  Pirated software might be tempting to avoid the cost of a commercial product. They are often full of malware that will take control of your computer. Besides, pirated software is theft. Social media links to unknown news sources are a quick way to have a bad time. It’s easy to get tricked into clicking a link because of the shocking headline (click bait) and wind up on a site that bombards you with SPAM, fake virus warnings, and more. It’s best to avoid those. Do your own research if you find the topic interesting. It only takes a moment to go to your browser and search for the topic and find a trusted source.

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