Backup Solutions Save Data

Backing up your data is the best way to protect yourself from a digital disaster. You don’t have to worry about ransomware encrypting your important files if you have a backup of that data. You can recover your important data and memories from a backup of a lost or damaged computer.

Choosing a backup method can be challenging. Find what works best for your needs and budget. The obvious convenience of cloud solution has considerable appeal today. These solutions offer a continuous backup of a folder while online. They also allow you to share that data with all your devices, wherever you go. They all have varying prices and even entry-level free storage space. Shop around and find a solution that fits best with your devices, needs, and budget. Keep in mind it is possible to use many solutions to get around the size limitations if you can’t budget for a service. You can also opt to use more than one service to have redundancy. If you do opt for cloud storage, ensure your provider is secure and is storing your data encrypted.

You may not want to use a cloud service. You can manage your own backup solution using portable media. In a time-critical recovery scenario, having the media in hand makes recovery much faster. Cloud solutions can take a while to recover as you must download all the data. Interrupted internet service can also be a problem in a disaster.

Manual backup requires you to maintain a regular plan. This will not be a continuous backup and will leave your data exposed until you execute the backup. New and changed data between backups will be lost in the event of a disaster. You’ll also need to consider the safe storage of the hard drive to protect it from theft and damage.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to maintain a consistent backup plan.  Test the integrity of those backup solutions by restoring or opening a file.

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