Anti-virus Protection

Anti-Virus is an important part of everyday security. Regardless of what you’ve heard, all devices can use a good anti-virus program.  It’s a best practice that you run anti-virus software on all your devices. Don’t fall for scam anti-virus software. Use a trusted anti-virus from an established well-known vendor. such as McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro. Windows 10 comes with it’s own anti-virus. If you opt to use that one, ensure it is active and functioning. This is important if your computer came with a third-party anti-virus trial.

We mentioned updating your operating system and applications in a previous post. Make sure your virus definitions and engine are set to get automatic updates. Check that updates are still happening weekly. Definitions are released very frequently. If you see your anti-virus definitions haven’t updated in a couple days, you need to investigate the problem.

Security Awareness Training

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