Managed Cyber Security Services

vCISO: virtual Chief Information Security Officer

vCISO Mission

Provide real-time security intelligence in order to reduce the risks and liability resulting from a data breach, mitigate security flaws in business and IT processes, while providing oversight in risk management, governance, and compliance.

Key Elements

Secure the organization against data loss, integrate security within your business, manage policies and programs, educate staff, ensure the organization is prepared for any disaster, constant communication with executive team on the state of the security program.

Target Audience

Executive Management Team, Board of Directors, CEO, CFO, Legal Officer, Presidents of business lines. We integrate with your executive team in order to on-board support for security across the organization and secure a mandate for recommended actions.


Our vCISO program takes a risk-based approach to cyber security. We start with a Risk Analysis to define what risks are affecting security and develop a mitigation road map.

vCISO Objectives

Shades of Gray Security’s vCISO service provides Chief Information Security Officer services for companies who need information security oversight but do not need or cannot afford a full-time CISO, or need to completely outsource their security operations, or need to supplement their existing security program through our managed security services. We are here to immediately provide you with smart business solutions to protect you from risks.

All The Right Things

If your organization already has IT and Security personnel, Shades of Gray Security’s vCISO program helps you supplement your staff with a proven, practical and repeatable process which strengthens your security posture, reduce risk, and increases security deliverables across your entire organization.

Fully Engaged Resources

Our vCISO program delivers a seasoned security expert with hands-on experience to evaluate help drive your security and compliance program using a risk-based approach. By focusing on threats, vulnerabilities, and risks, your vCISO will maximize efforts to get you the best possible security posture within your budget and resources. The vCISO will engage with all business leaders in the company and provide a tailored plan to address the unique challenges of your organization.

vCISO Benefits

  • Develop and implement effective cyber security solutions
  • Ensure Information Security compliance
  • Eliminate security personnel shortages
  • Reduce costs of hiring and retaining highly skilled staff
  • Experienced consultant across multiple industries and disciplines
  • Protect confidential information
  • Experience managing biggest data breaches in history

More Benefits

  • Gain expertise and insight without the salary commitment that these in-demand experts command
  • Focus on your business and priorities that will benefit your bottom line
  • Faster company-wide acceptance of new security protocols when such actions are directed by a consultant
  • Take advantage of knowledge of vCISO for handling crisis situations
  • Better alignment of IT with business ensures increased performance and less security failures

vCISO Pricing

We offer several packages based on our customers’ needs and expectations. These packages include a retainer for a dedicated amount of hours over the life of the contract. We work with our client’s to determine an estimate of hours needed to accomplish their goals within their budget.

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