Security Awareness Training

Protect the weakest link in security, people

Weakest Link

People are the weakest link in your security program. Whether they are accidentally disclosing information or clicking on malicious links in a phishing attack, untrained employees area major threat to your business.

Key Elements

Our program provides your staff with the tools they need to not fall victim to social engineering attacks and other tricks attackers may use. We go beyond business and engage them in their daily lives to raise their awareness in practical ways resulting in employees that are always looking for possible problems.

Reasons for Training

People are the first line of defense and educating them on what to look for and how to respond is critical. Many regulations require training. Developing a security mindset increases trust with your customers and a well trained staff aligns better with your business’s objectives.

Social Engineering Testing

There is no better way to drive the point of awareness training home than coupling it with social engineering testing. Be it and onsite test or a phishing exercise, demonstrating their weaknesses is a great way to to raise their awareness and attentiveness to the training program.

Security Awareness Training Objectives

Shades of Gray Security’s Security Awareness Training Program provides a world-class education for your staff to help them easily identify potential security problems and properly respond to any suspicious activity. It also prepares them to handle sensitive data. Knowing how to properly manage sensitive data, how to store, move, and destroy it is critical to prevent data leakage. Proper training is the first line of defense and greatly reduces the risk, and minimizes the damages of a data breach.

Putting it Together

We offer custom fit training solutions to fit your specific needs. If your organization already has employee training programs, we can work with that team to fit security awareness training into their schedule. We touch on the most important aspects that are pertinent to your organization’s needs. This is most important when dealing with employees that have varying access to critical information.

Fully Engaged Resources

Our Security Awareness Training Program delivers a world-class training program by a veteran security consultant who has seen countless examples of bad security practices and has focused on educating people on how to avoid falling for scams and properly handling sensitive data. By focusing on the individual employee’s daily life, we raise their awareness of what to look for in their daily lives and once they develop that mindset, they bring that into your organization. We have dozens of stories from our social engineering testing program that we bring with us to help drive the point home. Our students are captivated and remember those stories year after year and many times they can’t wait to tell us how they applied our training to help protect the company, themselves, and friends and family.

Awareness Training Benefits

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Prevent accidental disclosure of sensitive information
  • Proper handling of data
  • Reduce risk of social engineering and phishing attacks
  • Learn how to identify potential threats
  • Understand proper procedures for reporting incidents

Benefits of Adding Social Engineering Testing

People are the weakest link in your security program. While you can explain technology to people and why security matters, nothing grabs their attention like a social engineering test that finds weak points and identifies actual risks in a way that anyone can understand. Combined with Security Awareness Training, Social Engineering Testing has a tremendous impact on your employees and keeps you, your business, and your employee’s better prepared and protected in a dangerous world.

Trust Me I'm Lying: Banks Pay Me to Rob Them

trust me I'm lying

Learn more about the newly released book by Chad Olivier on social engineering, the first in a series that is included as supplemental collateral in our Security Awareness Training Program.

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