Cyber Security Assessment

Uncover Your Vulnerabilities


We start our security assessment by enumerating all devices on your network, giving us a basic overview of what is connected to the network and identifying things such as operating system, system names and more

Port Scan

We scan each discovered system to identify ports in use and probe those ports to determine what services are available, software and versions running those services, and begin checking configuration errors

Vulnerability Scan

A scanner checks each system for missing patches and errors in configuration then we process that data reducing false positives and assigning severity values to help you easily identify the most important problems



The final report shows all findings with recommendations to solve any problems and comes with a spreadsheet of issues that easily identify problems and lets you simply keep track of your vulnerability remediation efforts

Security Assessment

Our Security Assessment provides you with a thorough evaluation of your networks to identify vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of your controls and practices. The Security Assessment helps you verify the effectiveness of your patch management program, identifies weaknesses in controls, and verifies your change management program and discovers rogue devices by finding devices you may not have been aware were on your network.

Putting it Together

We offer custom fit solutions to meet your specific needs and/or regulatory requirements. Our security assessment includes a network scan of your internal and external network. We work with you to identify systems and match them to your risk analysis. Once completed, you have a snapshot of the current state of your connected devices that we will refer to again in future security assessments to show changes over time.

Security Assessment Results

Once we have completed the ground work, we evaluate the results and issue you a detailed report of the findings including an overview of the engagement, details of the methodology and tools used in collecting the data, an executive summary, and a detailed analysis of each finding as well as an Appendix containing all the raw data collected during the test.

Vulnerability Assessment Methods

Our standardized process gives you results you can use to get immediate action items to ensure you are keeping your network safe. We offer two types of vulnerability scans demonstrating two unique vantage points into your network. The first is done without credentials and will show you what an attacker can gain from looking at your network “blind.” In the case where you want to know exactly what is exposed and identify vulnerable software applications that are not detected from the outside, we offer credentialed scans that will log into the system and get specific details about all applications installed.

The Whole Picture

Taking it further we also offer physical security assessments and security audits as part of our Security Audit services. Combining this with a vulnerability assessment gives you a more complete picture of your security posture. Our complete package plans include all these plus more such as security awareness training for your staff and social engineering testing in the form of phishing test, phone call spoof attacks, and in person physical access tests.

Check Your Security Today

The path to better information security starts with contacting us. Find your missing patches, errors in configuration, and breakdowns in your patch and change management plans today.

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