Network Penetration Testing

Discover If Hackers Can Infiltrate Your Network


Penetration Testing starts with enumeration. We will test DNS, monitor traffic (if on an internal network), and run various other tools and searches to find what systems you have, where they are located and learn what we can learn about you and your organization.



A deeper into the discoveries. Checking for open ports, running analysis on services discovered, and identifying operating systems, appliances, and version numbers. While we are conducting this low noise portion of the test, we also include a vulnerability scan to try to identify any weaknesses that can lead us straight into the network.


During this phase we put our attack plan into action. We will begin running exploit code attempting to compromise your network. We also check for open services and perform password guessing. Depending on the rules of engagement we agreed upon prior to testing, we can unleash more and more tactics in an attempt to infiltrate or disrupt your business.



We evaluate all the findings and provide you with a detailed report which covers an overview of the test, details the methodology used in the engagement, an executive summary, a detailed analysis explaining the issues and how they might relate to each other to assist in furthering the attack, and recommendations for improving your security posture

About Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing services seek to find holes in your network before the bad guys do. We probe your network to look for weaknesses, design a detailed plan of attack, and proceed to use the same tools malicious attackers use to attempt to gain access to the network. We work with you during the engagement and report any critical findings immediately. This very deep, hands-on approach to security testing goes beyond a simple scan and gets you more accurate results, giving a true test to the security controls you have in place. Because our process is designed to simulate a real-world attack by using the same tools and techniques malicious attackers use to gain unauthorized access to networks, it provides a realistic example of how a hacker could compromise your network and what kind of information they can find along the way.

Penetration Testing Expertise

At Shades of Gray Security we keep our finger on the pulse of information security and use the latest tools and tactics malicious hackers use to infiltrate networks. Our experience in Incident Response gives us a first hand account of just what attackers are using to break into networks. Due to the nature of penetration testing, there is no standard methodology, or at least it’s forever changing. We do keep in line with some common criteria such as enumeration of devices, users etc., fingerprinting of available services, vulnerability discovery, and the actual attack portion. We do not offer a cookie-cutter penetration test. With Shades of Gray Security you get actual results you can use instead of a simple vulnerability scan with a few attempts to exploit discovered issues.

Get Hacked

Shades of Gray Security offers Internal Network Penetration Testing and External Network Penetration Testing as separate services. We can further customize testing to your specific needs and locations although we recommend a complete test as that is the only way to demonstrate your true exposure risk. During a Network Penetration Test, we may discover Applications that should also be tested. See our Application Testing Services for more information.

Black Box Penetration Testing

Black box Penetration Testing let’s us peer into your network without any prior knowledge. This simulates what an actual attacker will go through while attempting to infiltrate the network. While this might sound like an ideal test for you it does mean we may miss something we may otherwise have discovered and it can take significantly longer than other test types.

White Box Penetration Testing

White box Penetration Testing gives us the entire scope of everything you have and let’s us peer into your config files and see how you secure your network before we actually conduct any testing. This gives you a look at Insider Threat. What can a malicious staff member do to your network? While this is an important concern, it doesn’t give you a true understanding of an external hacker.

Gray Box Penetration Testing

Gray box Penetration Testing gives us a jump start on information gathering so we won’t miss anything as may happen in a true Black-box scenario. It gives you a complete picture of your attack surface. It also gives us the opportunity to test your configuration without knowing the facts, this helps to ensure you are not leaking data. Gray-box Penetration Testing is also the fastest of the three methods and can help keep you on track with your busy schedule and on budget.

Get Hacked Today

Don’t wait for a real hacker or insider to wreak havoc on your network and expose you to data breach that will cost your business, damage your relationships with customers, and cripple your reputation. Let our Penetration Testing program check your security, ensure you meet regulatory testing requirements, and show you how to clean up any loose ends you may have overlooked.

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