Information Security Program Audit

Validating Your Hard Work to Keep Data Safe


What is it?

We perform an in depth information security program audit of your security controls to determine whether they adhere to your risk assessment, your policies, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices guidelines.


Why Audit?

We perform a gap analysis to find where things don’t line up and provide recommendations on how to improve your security posture. We provide a clear audit trail for reporting and compliance requirements.


How it Works?

An Information Security Program Audit involves the collection and examination of your security program’s policies, procedures and practices, implemented controls, interviews with key personnel, an inspection of physical controls, and other sources that impact your security program.

What is the Strategy?

Our Information Security Program Audit is based on regulatory requirements and best practices from sources such as FFIEC, HIPAA, NCUA, PCI and NIST. Whatever your regulator, we can provide an accurate compliant audit. For areas without regulators, we use NIST and ISO standards to ensure your program is keeping you protected.

Information Security Program Audit Data Collection

Before the engagement begins, you will receive a Request For Information (RFI) from Shades of Gray Security which will help you collect the data we need in order to conduct the audit. By working with you through the RFI we will begin to understand your organization, identify key personnel, and key documentation and systems that will require closer examination. Once we complete the RFI our examiners will evaluate the data collected, develop a plan for the audit, and schedule an on-site visit with you to conduct the Information Security Program Audit.

Analysis of Collected Data

We continue to work with you during the process of analyzing the findings. We examine the controls you have in place and ensure they are performing optimally. We verify that policy and procedures are being adhered to and verify their performance.

Information Security Program Audit Report

Once completed, we evaluate all the findings and provide you with a detailed report which covers an overview of the audit, details the methodology used in the engagement, an executive summary, a detailed analysis broken down by logical control groups for easy browsing, recommendations for improving your security posture, and an Appendix containing all raw data we collected during the Security Audit.

Trust But Verify

A good security program is critical in today’s business environment and it’s important to have assurances that your program is sound and being adhered to correctly. Any gaps in policy and procedure can cripple you in the event of a breach. It is critical that you are doing what you state you are doing and the only way to do that is through a third party Information Security Program Audit.

Keep Regulators Happy

Should you ever go through an audit by a regulator it is important to have everything well documented. Our detailed process results in a report that not only shows you are doing all the right things, it maps that to regulatory requirements and they can use the report to quickly find the controls in place that they require reducing the time they spend in your business and freeing up your resources so you can focus on the bottom line.

Get an Information Security Program Audit Today

The threats are not waiting for you to get your program in order. They are actively looking for ways to defeat your program now. Our Information Security Program Audit will seek out any shortcomings and we provide recommendations to help you quickly resolve them.

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