Digital Forensics

Data Recovery and Collecting Digital Evidence


Digital Forensics begins with an assessment of your specific needs. Be it a data breach or as a litigation service, we will evaluate your situation and ensure that the project is properly scoped to ensure we have captured all the evidence you need to get the job done


Digital Forensics begins with establishing a chain of custody for all evidence collected by imaging all devices, computers, and possibly memory in order to take a complete forensically sound copy of all evidence that can then be used to conduct an investigation



Digital Forensics Investigations seek to discover what a user did with a piece of data by identifying when it was created, modified, and deleted. We recover files that have been deleted and establish a timeline of events tied to the data and the user



Our Digital Forensics reports include the chain of custody for all evidence discovered, establishes a timeline of events, and details how all evidence was discovered and maintained in a forensically sound manor that can be used to identify the problems that lead to need for the investigation or used in litigation

The Need For Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is the process of ensuring electronic evidence is properly collected and handled so that it maintains its evidentiary status. Proper digital forensics is critical to avoid spoliation and preserve evidence. Digital Forensics can be used in several situations, from discovering damages done by a cyber attack to recovering accidental or intentional deletion of data, and to discover and document activities of a user who has stolen intellectual property from an organization. We have worked cases dealing with cyber attacks from active Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), data recovery from accidental deletion or damaged computers and devices, civil cases including family law, breach of contract, theft of intellectual property, and business misconduct. We have assisted clients in both prosecution and defense when data on their computer systems proved someones guilt or the client’s innocence.

Putting Together The Pieces

Digital Forensics is a process of uncovering evidence, putting together the pieces of what happened on the computer and identifying just what happened to the data. We have demonstrated using forensically sound methods when a person accessed a database, copied information from it, inserted a USB drive and copied files to the device. In so doing we identified details of the device that lawyers were then able to request for production, helping secure the victory in the case.

Digital Forensics Data Recovery

Our Digital Forensics experts can help you recover lost files. If you have old pictures you need to recover from an accidental deletion, or if you’ve had a catastrophic failure and lost critical business files like core system database files, we can help you recover that which you have lost. We take an image of the drives and begin using techniques to recreate the files from the slack space on the drive. When it comes to recovery, time is everything. The longer the files are gone and the system continues to run the lesser the chance of recovery so don’t delay.

Digital Forensics Expertise

We have worked helped our clients recovery lost data from accidental deletion or from a malicious user. We have helped recovery financial data and account passwords for use in family court. Our experts have identified the damages done during data breaches to help define what was accessed, when, and by whom, assisting our clients minimize the overall cost of incident response.

Digital Forensics Witness

Chad Olivier, our founder has worked cases alongside major law firms including Jackson Lewis and Jones Walker. He has given reports, depositions, and served as a witness on these cases. If you need a proper chain of custody, discovery of the true damages a person has done to you or your client, backed by the experience of handling litigation services while keeping your costs down, Shades of Gray Security is ready to serve you.

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