Application Penetration Testing

Can Hackers Steal Your Application Data


Coding Errors

Application Security Testing can reveal vulnerabilities and implementation errors in your applications, ensuring your traditional applications, web applications, games, database systems, etc. stand up to attacks

Infrastructure Exposure

Application Security Testing can go beyond the application and we can test to see if we can break out of the application and gain access to your database and infrastructure behind it


We use all the latest techniques and tools hackers use to gain unauthorized access to applications and find methods that may affect your customers and damage your reputation


In today’s world confidence is critical, and we do our best to ensure that your application is well designed, and errors are handled correctly, reducing your risk of information exposure and preventing your application from making you look bad

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web sites and applications are common targets for attackers. In fact, most modern web sites use some application framework to present the site such as WordPress and Drupal. Attackers can do anything from deface the web site making your business look bad and damaging your reputation, exploit vulnerabilities gaining access to any information in the application including any sensitive data and log-in credentials, gain control of the server, the database, and even fully compromise the infrastructure behind the application gaining access to your entire network.

Proven Performance

We have tested hundreds of applications across a variety of industries. Our penetration testing is extensive including custom application built for judicial systems, tracking systems for the oil and gas industry, human resources applications, online trading companies, online banking applications, and more. Our founder, Chad Olivier is responsible for discovering a vulnerability in Drupal which can be found here.

You Need Application Security Testing

Firewalls can’t defend against many attacks on web applications. Organisations must to ensure their web applications are not susceptible to common types of attack that can steal their data and be used to attack their customers’ computers. Traditional applications and mobile apps can be hacked, stealing any data inside, and pirating the software itself. In today’s world, application security is a must to ensure business survivability.

OWASP Standards

Our web application penetration testing follows the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodologies. We test a variety of issues including design flaws, input validation errors, cross site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLi), cookie theft, elevation of privileges, account hijacking, database and web server configuration errors, privacy exposure and much more.

Protecting Your Business

Aside from the obvious hacker getting into your application, defacing your site, or even penetrating your network, you could have a hacker use your web application to attack your clients. It is critical to your reputation that you do not let that happen and we can help.

Get Hacked Today

Don’t wait for a real hacker to wreak havoc on your application exposing you to a data breach that will cost your business, damage your relationships with customers, and cripple your reputation. Let our Application Penetration Testing program check your security, ensure you meet regulatory testing requirements, and show you how to clean up any loose ends you may have overlooked.

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