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Protect Privacy

Law firm cyber security is needed to protect your client’s sensitive information, with law firm breaches on the rise it is critical that you protect your client, their data, and your case information.



Law firms handling medical records fall under HIPAA and must maintain HIPAA compliance while PCI DSS compliance is required for any business accepting credit cards


Digital Forensics

Cases that handle digital information may require proper handling and recover of critical information from computers and devices and our Digital Forensics service can help you seal your case, we work with you to explain the technology and can coach you on what is technical evidence



Documentation is critical in cyber security and when handling your case, we methodically document all our work so that you can demonstrate the level of your due diligence in protecting your client information and show accurate and replicable methods for digital forensics that will prove the evidence and win your case

Law Firm Cyber Security is Critical to Maintain Confidentiality

Law firms store a treasure trove of information and due to the general lack in security, they are prime targets for cyber attacks. All law firms have in their custody sensitive client and the firm’s business information including things such as

  • personal health information (PHI) requiring HIPAA compliance
  • payment card information requiring PCI DSS compliance
  • other personally identifiable information (PII) fro employees, clients, and third-parties which could be used to exploit the victims, steal identities, access bank accounts, etc
  • attorney-client privileged information such as work product
  • confidential client business information which could be used for insider trading information
  • client intellectual property such as trade secrets, patents, copyright, etc

Your firm has a legal, ethical and business requirement to protect this information from disclosure and compromise.

Digital Forensics Services

Digital Forensics is the process of ensuring electronic evidence is properly collected and handled so that it maintains its evidentiary status. Proper digital forensics is critical to avoid spoliation and preserve evidence. Digital Forensics can be used in several situations, from discovering damages done by a cyber attack to recovering accidental or intentional deletion of data, and to discover and document activities of a user who has stolen intellectual property from an organization. We have worked cases dealing with cyber attacks from active Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), data recovery from accidental deletion or damaged computers and devices, civil cases including family law, breach of contract, theft of intellectual property, and business misconduct. We have assisted clients in both prosecution and defense when data on their computer systems proved someones guilt or the client’s innocence.

Law Firm Cyber Security Responsibility

As a steward of sensitive information, your law firm has ethical, and in some cases, legal responsibility to protect data. Protecting sensitive data like health records, social security numbers, business plans, case files, credit card numbers, and banking information is required not only by these ethical and legal responsibilities, but also required to maintain your reputation. Many law firms primarily operate through word of mouth referrals, and nothing can damage your reputation faster than a data breach.

Ethical Responsibility for Law Firm Cyber Security

Ethical standards to maintain confidentiality of client information is well known and established. ABA Model Rule 1.6(c) requires that “[a] lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client.” Most states also have provisions for protecting client information.

Legal Responsibility for Law Firm Cyber Security

Some information stored and used by your firm on behalf of your clients, is subject to statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements regarding the use and protection of the information. Perhaps the most famous and complex regulation in this area is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Ammendments to HIPAA have expanded the definition of “business associate” and now includes law firms that possess and use Protected Health Information (PHI) and Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI). When a law firm handles such information in it required to conform with HIPAA data security and privacy regulations.

Other regulations may apply to your firm as well such as PCI DSS if you have credit card records on file or accept credit card payments. Depending on your area of practice other regulations may be applicable as well. In fact, several states have passed law that requires security practices and procedures when handling any for of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Those state laws may be applicable if you’re client is in that state and you are elsewhere. Knowing the rules and regulations is critical to maintain your compliance with regulations and avoid serious fines and penalties.

You have an ethical and legal responsibility to protect your data. It’s a difficult process to manage and we can help. Your reputation is at stake. Cyber security is no longer a cost of doing business, it is a cost of staying in business. A single breach, can permanently ruin your reputation and force you out of business. Don’t wait. Call us today.


Shades of Gray Security offers our clients world-class managed security solutions with our virtual Chief Information Security Officer service, a perfect solution for our law firm clients that need a complete solution to build and manage a law firm cyber security program ensuring regulatory compliance and adhering to best practices. If you’re firm doesn’t have the size to require a full staff of information security professionals, we can help. We can build the program for your staff to manage with or without our ongoing oversight. We offer several plans that come with all the services you need to secure your environment. Regulatory compliance is not enough, we ensure you meet and exceed the requirements ensuring you are doing your absolute best to protect your clients’ information and your business while great reducing the risk of a data breach.

Compliance Audits

Shades of Gray Security can perform an in depth audit of your security controls to determine whether they adhere to your risk assessment, your policies, any regulatory requirements, and industry best practices guidelines. We perform a gap analysis to find where things don’t line up and provide recommendations on how to improve your security posture and ensure you are on the correct path to maintaining and exceeding regulatory compliance. We provide a clear audit trail for reporting and compliance requirements.

chad olivier digital forensics expert

Digital Forensics Witness

Chad Olivier, our founder has worked cases alongside major law firms including Jackson Lewis and Jones Walker. He has given reports, depositions, and served as a witness on these cases. If you need a proper chain of custody, discovery of the true damages a person has done to you or your client, backed by the experience of handling litigation services while keeping your costs down, Shades of Gray Security is ready to serve you.

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Contact us today to get started protecting your clients and your business. Law firm cyber security is very technical and difficult to understand, use our experience to help you understand what you need to do and ensure you remain compliant and secure your reputation.

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